Monday, August 1, 2011

My Stash is Swallowing My Room!

At one point in every crafter or maker's life; I'm pretty sure they develop this problem. They develop a horde of supplies. Fabric, trim, beads, yarn, and I imagine all sorts of wood and wire for the woodworkers and gadget makers among us. The Stash of Doom will just keep growing and eating your workspace until you turn around and face it. You must defeat... the Stash of DOOOOOM!!!!

My Grandmother saved up a lifetime's worth of materials. Her stash came to my mom when she died. When my mom sold her house, it moved in with me. Urban apartment dweller I am; this takes up half of my bedroom, and it would be rude to move it into the shared space of my two bedroom unit. So I have this magnificent, awesome, generational Stash of DOOM!

There's some great stuff in there. Vintage fabric, costume fabric, vintage patterns, odd patterns, and a great jar of buttons. I will describe what I'm using, what I've bought to finish it, where I found the instructions and whatever changes I have made. I do not have the greatest skill as a seamstress, but I imagine I'll really improve by the time I get through most of this.

I've resolved that every project I do will involve as much of my stash as I can use. I'll only buy what's absolutely necessary to finish a project and I'll look for projects that are as simple as possible. I also thought it would be good to share the projects I work on here so that other crafters can get some stash busting ideas. I'll look for free tutorials wherever my pattern and book collection falls short

Your job as the reader is to call me out if I'm not following these guidelines. Make suggestions, ask questions, and tell me if I'm boring.